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Data Back-Up and Encryption

With us, your data is safe in every situation. You do not have to worry about technical failures, natural disasters, or a mistakenly pressed "delete” button.
And even if you get robbed, the encrypted data will be useless for thieves. The key  for its utilization  is available only to you.
Invest in prevention. It is always cheaper than resolution of a crisis situation. 

Advantages of data backup and encryption

  1. 11 years of experience with data security
  2. Destroyed or stolen computers will not jeopardise your data
  3. Our encryption is reliable – and only you hold the key
  4. We can process any volume of data
  5. Get help from a Svět IT technician whenever you need it
  6. Data access from anywhere

Detailed information about the processing of personal data is available here.

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