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You have a great product. We have space for its promotion. We will make sure that your customers will be buying from you with ease. We will monitor the graphical form, texts, and traffic. Your clients will not perceive your e-shop only as shopping, but also as unique experience. We will help you make them come back. Is your corporate identity set in stone? We will respect it. In addition, we will ensure that your customers will feel comfortable from start to finish when shopping.
Once a month (or as agreed), we will send you a traffic report and offer new products. 

We will create your e-shop all the way from a concept design, including the analysis of the market and competition in the field and subsequent determination of strategic points and its visual appearance, to traffic monitoring and campaign support.

If you have preferences as for the target groups, we will help you focus on them as efficiently as possible. The e-shop appearance is  one of the decisive efficiency factors. What your client sees during the first several seconds. We will create a fascinating and interesting design that will be captivating for visitors. Clarity and easy orientation are also important. We will not let your customers endlessly search for what they want to buy – we will bring them to the  shopping cart with the minimum amount of clicks. We also know that, for example, florists present their services differently than laboratory technicians and, therefore, we will modify the e-shop’s text form accordingly.

From  a plethora of functions, we will offer you the most appropriate ones after the initial consultation. Since we prefer a long-term cooperation and your utmost satisfaction, it is natural for us to adapt the features based on your situation development and the state of your business. Therefore, you do not have to worry, as with some of the rented services, that you will have the once ordered features forever, without any chance for their modification or further development. Payment without registration or with a credit card? Modification of the website appearance to a mobile  browser? We can take care of all this and a lot of other features so that they serve you as best as possible. With us, you pay only for what you are actively using.

You  will also get the support in the form of traffic monitoring and reactions to its results. We are experienced in processing and supporting all currently available Internet marketing forms - from SEO optimization and PPC advertising to social media and PR articles. It is up to you what you would select.

Advantages of e-shop solutions

  1. Easy traceability
  2. Simple orientation
  3. Visit reporting
  4. Safe environment
  5. Turnover increase
  6. Non-stop support

Detailed information about the processing of personal data is available here.

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