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Exchange Hosting

Forget the cheap e-mail boxes for the low-end users. Unify functionality of your company emails, shared calendars, and applications into a single solution. Utilize MS Outlook as true professionals. We will link your mobile phones, office computers , and calendars
within one platform, which can be opened wherever and whenever needed. Robust antivirus and antispam protection, as well as data encoding and protection, are the integral part. We automatically back-up to the Svět IT servers.

In case of any non-standard situation,  our 24/7 technical support is available to you. 

Thanks to development of smart phones and other technologies during the recent years, linking all communication tools within the company, from e-mails and calendars to the rest of company applications,  became commonplace in the majority of companies. Maybe you are just  getting ready for it, or maybe you tried  various levels in the past and it was difficult to harmonize everything  to make everyone happy. What  makes Exchange Hosting by Svět IT so exceptional?

We can ensure that you will get the best from the  MS Office at the lowest cost. We will significantly reduce your costs of the Exchange Server implementation and operation, and we also offer the full support, including the hotline.

* Utilization of the MS Exchange platform in the world


Since  Microsoft Exchange is currently used by approximately 65% of companies around the world, we will make cooperation with  your business partners easier, regardless the country borders and time zones. This platform offers the most extensive possibilities for work within a company, teams, and work groups, and it is so well-connected to Microsoft Office as none other. It's worth mentioning its massive compatibility with  smart phones, tablets, and other devices of almost all world brands.

Thanks to the simple sharing of calendars, contacts, company data, and sophisticated security options (user rights, antispam protection, secure communication channels, etc.) managed from  the MS Outlook environment, the Exchange server will also significantly simplify daily communication within your company.

Advantages of exchange hosting

  1. Reduction of communication costs by up to 30%
  2. Advanced connection of e-mail with calendar
  3. Professional communication solution – your company’s card
  4. Open e-mail from anywhere
  5. Automatic data backup directly with us
  6. Non-stop technical support

Detailed information about the processing of personal data is available here.

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