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IS hosting

Do not buy expensive technology that will become obsolete. Run your corporate systems with us. You will rent the server only for the time you will be actually using it. Your systems will run on the most powerful servers. Are you keeping track of news, maintenance, back-up, and associated costs? We will do all this for you. 

In these days, high-quality and fully functional information systems are practically the "heart" of every company, regardless the number of employees and the business sector. From accounting systems, ERP systems, merchandise tracking, customer relationship management software, or anything else – a  calculator and a notepad are no longer enough.

Equally risky would be to rely on a purchase of a finished system, hoping that it would then serve reliably for several years without requiring maintenance, updates, and adequate care. Since  such a system processes big data volumes, there are higher demands for hardware, licenses for utility programs (SQL Server), etc., as well as security against system attacks and technical failures.

That  implies increased purchase costs, as well as investments related to  maintaining the system functionality. For small and mid-sized companies of up to 50 employees, this can mean hundreds of thousands CZK in extra costs.

We offer a simple, safe, and sustainable solution: When you place and run the company IS on the Svět IT servers in a form of hosting, you will decrease the purchase costs to CZK 0 and your system will run on powerful servers sufficiently optimized for any load and monitored 24/7 by our technicians.

We can make sure that you will not be tied to a company PC, but able to work from anywhere. We back-up data several times a day. Do you need to see how particular files looked, for example, a day before yesterday so that you could compare data  within the company? Our system  enables it as well.

In addition to the standard monitoring, you can also add a monitoring service for the SW you are using, under which our consultant would monitor all necessary processes needed by your applications to run properly. That will relieve you of worries related to installing SW updates, data reindexing, database maintenance…

Whichever range of IS hosting you choose, you would only pay for what you would actually utilize. The resulting price depends on the number of real users. We can adjust the utilization scope upon agreement with  you so that it meets  your needs and requirements in every stage.

Advantages of IS hosting

  1. Operation costs reduction
  2. Your system will run on the most powerful server
  3. We watch the updates for you
  4. We take care of your HW and SW non-stop
  5. Your system will run on the most powerful server
  6. Automatic data backup
  7. 24/7 technical support

Detailed information about the processing of personal data is available here.

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