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Network Administration

We will make sure that your IT background is truly secured in every aspect. We will take care of network operation, find the optimal solution for cooperation among your servers, computers, laptops, peripherals, and mobile devices so that you can focus on your business worry-free.

For more than 10 years, we have been supplying HW, SW, and related services to businesses and individuals alike. We cooperate with leading IT market providers and continuously educate ourselves so that we would always have answers to everything you want to know. We are experienced in different types of customer solutions, and we will tailor our services to your needs.

They  will be determined during the initial audit that will be provided to you FREE OF CHARGE. Simply fill out the contact form and send it to us. We will come to you, carefully evaluate everything, and propose the most appropriate solution in the form of the report on your company's HW and SW status, including the analysis of your weak points. By doing so, we will determine what you can do at the same cost but better and where you can save money.

However, we can also prepare programs and install devices or train your employees or colleagues.

It is up to you what you would select.

Network administration advantages

  1. Regular preventive operation checks
  2. Significant cost savings, up to 50% annually
  3. System security detection and solution
  4. Provision of IT technology services
  5. Guaranteed maximum IT availability in your company
  6. Optimisation of tariffs for the Internet and calling

Detailed information about the processing of personal data is available here.

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