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Online Marketing

Be everywhere they look. In the  keyword battle, we will win you the top positions and deliver your advertisement to a carefully targeted group of potential customers. We increase your brand awareness, and your company banners will always be in the right places. Do you need to support a campaign? Or, do you need to address your clients directly? We will take care of direct mailing, including proofreading if needed. Once a month (or as agreed), we will send you a detailed cost statement.

In these days, success of the majority of projects depends not only on the quality of the services or products, demand, and other factors, but in particular on proper online marketing management.

What can we offer you  in this area? We do:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – we can design and optimize your websites so that the Internet search engines will place them as high as possible.

We work with  keywords, contextual targeting, and we offer your content to a user whose previous network behaviour show us that he can be your potential customer.

PPC (pay-per-click) – we can also use a short sponsored text reference as a plain text, banner, or video.

We will get you to the price comparison websites (Heuré, Zboží.cz, so that customers will see your goods or services among the first and will not look any further. Thanks to a comprehensive comparison of product prices, you can significantly increase your website / e-shop traffic and, of course, your turnover.

If you wish to address customers directly,  e-mailing  is the advantageous, environmentally-friendly, and - most importantly - fast form of the once-popular printed direct mail.  We will process your business message (newsletter) to support your campaign as much as possible, including the perfect timing.

Do you believe that in these days, life is centred  around social media? If your customers are there, we can address and captivate them., Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Foursquare – your advertisement can be at home on all of them. It is up to you what you would select.

Our support by means of regular reports forms the integral part of all types of online marketing, so you always know what you are paying for and can modify your costs as you go.

Advantages of online marketing

  1. Cost savings – you don’t always know what you’re actually paying for in an online ad
  2. Individual approach to promotion of your brand
  3. Continuous campaign optimisation
  4. Direct and effective advertisement
  5. E-shop turnover increase of up to 100%
  6. Regular report of cost and increment of turnover / acquired orders

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