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Print Solutions

Have you already discovered that cheap printers get quite expensive and, as a result, are you considering to either buy a more expensive device or give up document printing? We will conduct a free print audit in your company, and we can then effectively optimize your printing costs.
You can also rent a printer from us so you would not have to deal with the purchase price or where to place it, search for the right toners, and pay for its servicing
or to a technician. 

Advantages of printer solutions

  1. Printers are available whenever needed
  2. Saved operational costs for your own devices
  3. High-end printing quality without the necessity of expensive cartridges or spare parts
  4. Print data entry from anywhere
  5. We repair and upgrade – you benefit in use
  6. The space NOT occupied by the printer can be otherwise used by your colleagues – as a relaxation zone for example :)

Detailed information about the processing of personal data is available here.

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