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Virtual Servers

Enjoy all the benefits of your own server without having to buy it. With  our virtual servers, you do not have to deal with technical background, operation, licenses, or even bills for electricity consumed by backup resources, and more. We offer a secure background with connection to the backbone network
and support services provided by trained professionals. You will   have access to the server at any time and from anywhere. We are great with virtual servers on
the MS Windows, as well as Linux platforms. Do you need a special configuration? Just ask.

If  you wish, your server can be connected to a monitoring system for a fee. 

Advantages of virtual servers

  1. Can be ordered for only as long as required
  2. Operational savings on your own server costs
  3. You don’t have to deal with technical maintenance or security
  4. Server access from anywhere
  5. We repair and upgrade – you benefit in use
  6. Potential difficulties are resolved by someone from our Company, not an anonymous helpdesk operator

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